Link for Daily Report and Averages/Extremes

I recently upgrade to v 10.37R build 00. I believe in past versions the weather.htm page use to include a drop down list where you could pick and then view the Daily Report and Averages/Extremes for a particular Month and Year. In the updated version, that page has changed and is not included. I am looking to include that on my current page but I don’t have a clue on where to look or what to do. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


There is a file called weekrep.htm that has a link like you described, at the bottom of that page.

Hi Asobig,

Thanks for that info but it is not what I’m looking for. If you follow this link:
about halfway down the page is a drop down list box of all the past months Averages/Extremes. It would be nice to give my weather viewers a way to access pasts months and years. I mean I can look at them because they are generated each month and stored on my server. I thought the previous versions of WD had a tick box some place that would place that drop down menu on the web page, but I can’t find it now and fear it is no longer available. I guess if I get real ambitious I can create a table and place a link for each month, but if I know myself it will not get updated on a regular schedule or not at all, lol.

this should still be working
as long as the av/ext files exist in the WD web files folder
and you have set to have the link, in the upload times, in the ftp/internet setup

I will check on those two items, thanks.