Lightning detector for WMR928 any ideas?


I am using an Oragon Scientific WX station on a busy GA airfield.

Can anyone suggest a lightning detector to attach to the 928?

Is there any right or wrong way to do this?

Does WD support lightning detection?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


I’m also thinking about buying myself a lightning detector for Christmas, and I’m leaning towards the Boltek, but I don’t know which software product to buy - Lightning/2000 or the NexStorm software. Anybody have any suggestions? I’m using the Davis VP.

I currently am using L2000 and have been for the last 2 years which is reporting data from my Boltek PCI card. I’ve tried NexStorm beta and between both of them they are good products. L2000’s screen can easily customized to your liking. The NexStorm beta was good, but I’m staying with L2000.

there is the dallas 1 wire counter…(only 38$US) but the person making it has become unreliable…
maybe AAG makes it or could make it…


Thanks for all the info, I didn’t know Boltek existed.

The “Stormchaser” looks interesting, linked to the 2000 software.

I might have to invest.

Thank you all again.


.........Can anyone suggest a lightning detector to attach to the 928?......
Hi Edd,

You may like to look at this thread.