Leuven users Quake script update

Hi folks, for all that use the Leuven template, here is the script edit to get it working again, thanks to Ken

in /quake/quake-json.php

find line 267

  $fileName = "http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/feed/geojson/1.0/week";

change to

  $fileName = "http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/feed/v1.0/summary/1.0_week.geojson";

Job done…

Please check the problems page first when there is some kind of error.

Since yesterday a modified version of the script is downloadable there,


Sorry Wim, my 1st port of call has always been here and as it was a very easy fix i did it myself instead
of bothering you…

It is a community effort, all the way.
So yesterday I forgot to mention the needed changes or the new version on this forum. The problem was first discussed at WX and I posted the “change-link” solution there. I knew Ken would be awake in a few hours and as always modify the script for stand-alone and Saratoga use and post it even before his morning coffee. I tested the change and put the modified Leuven version on-line.

My question is:

  1. Please always check the problems page first.
  2. Write your post with while refering to the solution at the problems page
    3 If there is no solution there,write your post and I will read it and know what to do.

If there is a solution, let people use the dwonload versions as not everybody is fluent in changing code. And it happens all to often that a 'simple" script change results in unnecessary support calls.