Latest Smart Home updates

I’m still working on adding features to my smart home and these are the recent additions.

I’ve moved my weather data collection to CumulusMX, mainly because I now need to take input from two different weather stations and consolewd doesn’t have that option. Cumulus is running on a single board computer - not a Raspberry Pi though.

Cumulus is set up to read data from my main Davis VP2 station via WLL and it also collects data from an Ecowitt GW1100 with a few sensors attached, i.e. temperature/humidity and a soil moisture probe. The Ecowitt is just to monitor the greenhouse at the moment but I may add more sensors next year.

Cumulus is updating my main web sites - CumulusUtils, pwsWD and also MeteoTemplate. All of these need work to tidy them up so I wouldn’t hold them up as good examples!

Cumulus also updates a local MQTT broker that’s installed on my Home Assistant server. Home Assistant is configured to read data from the broker and the data entities can be used within HA as required, e.g. for control purposes or display. At the moment I’m just displaying the MQTT data on an ‘ugly’ data dump screen…

I’m also doing some CircuitPython programming on an Adafruit PyPortal Titano to get it to act as a small device that can be located anywhere that has USB power. I’ve currently got the PyPortal picking up and displaying data from OpenWeather, e.g.

I’m adding code to pick up meal plans and recipes from my Grocy installation for display in the kitchen and I’m also looking into adding the ability to pick up local weather data directly from MQTT. My data is fed to OpenWeather though so it may prove easier to just use the one route for getting weather data into the PyPortal.

I’ve also recently bought a Nettigo Air Monitor. That’s set up and uploading data to various sources, but it’s just sitting on the floor at the moment until I get a chance to install it outside…when it’s a bit warmer and less rainy! I’ve not yet got the Nettigo monitor feeding data into Home Assistant so that’s another job on the to-do list.

I think that’s all the recent developments, although I’ve probably forgotten something!


Wow thats some setup for your home :+1:

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My family and friends look at me cross eyed when I tell them about the smart stuff in my home. Lots of automation & routines with Google Home & Hubitat Elevation C-8 running most of it. Wonder what they’d say if I had as much stuff going as that. WOW!!

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Some more screens from Home Assistant to give an idea of what it all looks like for a configured home…

Overview page…most commonly viewed status/control info. Lights can be turned on/off from here. You can click on the gauges to show their history. There are also automations on here like turning the electric blanket on for an hour and switching between summar and winter. This page, and most of the others below, are configurable so I can add.remove things and move them round.

An example of a room dashboard. Light switches and a climate control plus camera integration.

I can track battery status to see what needs to be replaced. A couple showing in grey aren’t currently in use so I’ve not swapped batteries yet.

Detailed heating status info. This is more for me…it’s not visible to other users in the house. Mainly for debugging.

Weather page with a few other bits of info, e.g. might there be a visibile aurora or can I see the ISS.

The integrations currently built into my system. There are hundreds more for different devices from different manufacturers. Some show in red because they’re turned off (printer and some Lifx lights) or they aren’t yet fully configured.

Some of the devices that I have connected.

Entities are the data items from different devices/data streams. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of these.

Some of the automations I’ve built into the system.

The ‘rooms’ that have smart devices, with how many devices in each room.

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I have weather display pushing my Davis vp2 data to my website for years now. For the past year I’ve used its simple mqtt functionality to push specific data from WD to my home assistant instance for automations. This is very simple to do and has been rock solid.

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