Lame.exe problem

After just downloading latest files. Ever couple of minutes get " lame This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down"

John wood

Hi. I don’t seem to get the illegal operation error, but the lame programm come’s up about every 10 minutes.

the lame.exe program creates the .mp3 file
i will put in option to not do that
make sure the talingnew.wav file is not in use maybe…
i.e with windows media player

uploading a new verison now where you can have it not create a mp3 file with lame.exe if it causes problems (no problems here with windows 2000)

Seems Ok with 9.29a Brian. Have turned Lame off, strange as I wasn`t using the talking section of WD, and WD runs on its own computer with only a server program (Xitami) and nothing else!

Thanks Brian once again

i have added in a check now that that file exists first (the speech file)