Lacrosse 2310 rain sensor

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I know there is a topic somewhere about re-wiring a Lacrosse 2310 rainsensor with UTP cable, but i cannot find it any more

Does anyone know if it is still on the forum ?

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In my thread from yesterday about a similar issue

NZmacka said in there that he had rewired everything with CAT5E cable.

I would also like to know how he dealt with the ends and waterproofing as I have a 1000’ roll of cable sitting here. I would think that this would help a great deal with transmission (as he says it does in his post).

OK NZmacka…you’re up!

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In a previous life I was an electrician, so it was a simple task to desolder the 2 wires connected to the WS2310 bucket and reconnect a UTP cable to the sensor output. Then I crimpled a standard RJ11 on to the end of that cable and connected it to the thermo hygro sensor. I have mounted all of my sensors on my mast, and the thermo/hygro unit is housed under a waterproof enclosure. Wind and rain sensors connect to this unit all in UTP cabling. The output cable back to the console is essentially the same, run the UTP and crimp an RJ11 modular plug to both ends. Note it is a “crossover cable”…I was lucky enough to have all the tools and plugs etc, plus conduit to waterproof and tidy everything up. My thermo/hygro sensor is housed under an upturned feed bucket painted white (it actually looks like a radiation shield!) and works well. When Iwas int he trade a few years back, I saw UTP cable used as a temp site cable for phones/computers, it sat outside in all sorts of conditions and got hammered by the elements and by vehicles, and it always worked well for ages…so I would’nt get to paranoid if you can’t enclose it in conduit, it will run OK for a long time… :slight_smile: let me know if I can assist further!!

also,see some info on the tips/trick section of this forum too:
(re wiring the ws2310)

Thanks for the replies -
Looks like a nice project.