Javascript question...

Strange error in Javascript:

The value displayed via the XML file for %dayswithrainyear% is incorrect due to the fact I did’nt start recording data until early feb; so when it displays 17 day(s) I need it to display 50 day(s). So, thought for the purposes of the website I would simply add 33 to this value. I wrote the following code to do this:

This gives the following error on the a=parseFloat… line:

“Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal”

But and this is the strange part if I enter the line alert(“”); prior to the problem line - it works - but it displays an alert box which I don’t want.

Any ideas if I am missing something - why does it work with the additional alert statement which to my mind does nothing to the rest of the code.

Any assistance welcome