It's Nathan from WeatherBug

Hey guys,

It’s Nathan Parker over at WeatherBug. I’ve joined here just in case any WeatherBug-related questions come up about WD. Due to my busy nature, I probably won’t be very active here, but I’m on standby and able to login just in case anyone has any questions.



Does WB even allow anyone to view our data yet? Last I saw, when it was able to take an data upload, there was no way for the general public to view it. I gave up then.

I signed up a long time ago but, could never get it to upload to WB because it kept timing out. Finally gave up and turned it off.

Yes, you can view our data in the desktop app,, and It’s not perfect yet, but we’re rolling out Backyard Station data across the board to all our offerings.

What error messages were you receiving? If you want to try it again, I’d be happy to assist.

OK question I just installed the desktop program and I can’t find my station to pick for my location??? Are you only able to pick non personal stations? And is there a way to get rid of the adds?

I had set WD to upload my data to Weather Bug quite awhile ago but could never find my data. I forgot about it but never turned off the upload. I now see I can access this data.

When I signed up and started sending data to WeatherBug, I wasn’t seeing anything, either. I wrote, and Nathan responded that it takes up to three days before you show up on the map. Once a couple of days went by, I finally found me. I then bookmarked the page, as it was a PITA to find your own current conditions.


Are you using the desktop display?? I can find my data via the web site but not on the desktop version…I have been uploading data for quite some time now…?

There is no Desktop Display for Macintosh, although it is “coming soon” for a looonnngggg time…


what URL should I add to the weather bug setup in WD to quicly and easily find your station?
also I could develop a mac desktop program (with my new compiler)

I’m not using WD, but I’m not sure you can. To find your station, you need to search by zip code, then click “change weather station”, and then select from the stations that pop up on the map, and then “set Station”. And the URL is station specific, so you couldn’t just add your station ID. For instance, here’s mine:

Where OH is obviously Ohio, I don’t know where it got “Avon-weather” as that isn’t my user name or station name, but is my web site, and the p11642 is my station ID.

Hope that helps,

Brian there is a view your data which works in WD but I am trying to use my station for the desktop and it only shows airports and what not that I can find…

Would be nice if WB would include an URL link back to our sites…

Yes they could make a link out of the as report by line real easy…

Sorry, it so long ago that I don’t remember however, I thought I’d try turning it on again to see what happens and it seems to be working now.

I guess I lost the confirmation email from WB that contained my ID and stuff. How do you login to your account to change/check your profile, location, etc.?

Check under Travel Weather>Backyard Network. As for setting your Backyard Station as your default station, currently it’s not possible. We had a fix in place, but it flopped, so we’re having to re-think the fix. We know what we need to do, but it’s going to take a little longer than the simple fix would of had it worked.

As for now, once you first pay for WeatherBug Plus for your first year ($20), we’ll give you free renewals afterwards. That’s something else we want to work on so users don’t even have to pay the initial $20, but right now it’s the only way. It’ll take some major backend work to re-do it.

Now you can find your data directly at when searching for your Zip Code.

Glad you’re back! :slight_smile: