Is there a way to stop CWOP and other updates on failure of data stream?

Hey there all,

I have run into a problem that I can’t immediately see a way to solve it. I have had the weather station stop sending data to weather display, due to a win 10 dropout with the usb to serial dongle, and I noticed that with weather display the last valid reading continues to be sent to the weather systems that I report to, CWOP and wunderground. THis is resulting in corruption of the weather reporting stream to these systems when the fault happens.

Is there a way to setup weather display to stop streaming info to CWOP et al on loss of valid data from the local weather station? A gap in data being reported is far better than invalid fixed data being streamed into the reporting systems.

Thanks in advance


what weather station type?
which version /build of WD?
(that info should always be provided)