is there a script to show graphs

Hi folks, i done a search but i cant find what im looking for

The WD graphs such as 20071103.gif and so on, is there a script
or a calendar that could pull these on to a page please? I am total
script illiterate to indepth help might be needed :oops:

Hi Bashy

See this link:

Is that what you are looking for?

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Could you not just use WD tags ??

So for the url you would put�y%.gif

I think the calendar would be better that Henrik just showed me
Thats perfect :slight_smile: can it be done so it will open in a frame next to the calendar?

Bashy - i asked the same question here a while ago and got several different answers - i will have to find my post as i never followed through with it - had other more major issues with my Wx PC and WD, rain gauge, FARS fan, Soccer club summer Soccer organiser (34 teams) etc… Not sure even which thread/board i posted it in…

Aha! I found it

have a browse there. :wink: I should do again too…


Cheers Graeme i will have a read, hopefully Henrik will help me out with his as well :slight_smile:

Hi Bashy

Here is a link to the calendar:

Here is the code I use at my page:

<table width="99%">
		    <script type="text/javascript" src="kalender/calendar.js"></script>
		    <script type="text/javascript" src="kalender/calendar-da.js"></script>
		    <script type="text/javascript" src="kalender/calendar-setup.js"></script>
			<div style="float: left"
<script type="text/javascript">
  function dateChanged(calendar) {
    // Beware that this function is called even if the end-user only
    // changed the month/year.  In order to determine if a date was
    // clicked you can use the dateClicked property of the calendar:
    if (calendar.dateClicked) {
      // OK, a date was clicked, redirect to /yyyy/mm/dd/index.php
      var y =;
      var m =;     // integer, 0..11
      m = (m < 10) ? "0"+m.toString() : m.toString();
      var d =;      // integer, 1..31
      d = (d < 10) ? "0"+d.toString() : d.toString(); 
    // redirect...
      window.location = "/vejret/vejrdata/" + y + m + d + ".gif";

      flat         : "calendar-container", // ID of the parent element
      flatCallback : dateChanged           // our callback function

About presenting the graphs next to the calendar - its a great idea and I think its possible - but im not sure how to do that.

Anyone have some idea?

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Thanks Henrik, I will have a play :slight_smile:

I have it working now thanks Henrik, but as for getting the graph
to display next to the calendar its way over my head, can anyone else advise please

The calendar is here for now…

Hi Bashy

Great - im glad you have it up and running.

I will try and find out how to present the graphs next to the calendar. I have asked another member here in the forum - lets see it there shows something up.

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Ok Henrik thanks, I have also emailed the author just now so we live in hope :slight_smile:
Perhaps having yesterdays graph or todays graph show as default?

Could you not use an embeded layer? So when the user clicks the various buttons it presents the hidden layer with the graphic? I have used this in javascript before but as with php im not too sure how you would code it.

I aint got a clue m8

it appears to be this that calls the graph

 // redirect...
      window.location = "./" + y + m + d + ".gif";

Working on some code, i have the image being inserted into the same page rather than going direct to it that works fine but its trying to getit to insert in a different part of the page. This bit of javascript is evading me at the moment.

Hi Fairweather

We really appreciate your work. Hope you figure something out.

Best regards,


Thank you so much for your time on this fairweather , good luck with it :slight_smile:

Well i have spent all afternoon trying to insert the result into the page, but because of the way the calendar works im finding it very difficult to get any code working. #-o

Thats a shame m8, but thank you very much for trying :smiley:

well i certainly had a good go at it as i would have put it on my site too, maybe i was missing something but i tried from every angle to perform an insert and it just wasnt having it,well it did insert it into the page but overwrite everything.

Was it anything to do with this?

 // redirect...
      window.location = "./" + y + m + d + ".gif";