Is it possible to move Wdisplay program and data to external drive?

I run Mojave on my main home computer that hosts my home automation and Wdisplay. Computer is a MacMini late 2018, the last computer/OS that could run 32 bit programs. I’ve got several 32 bit programs that don’t have 64 bit updates so I’m staying with Mojave. Woot had a new MacMini 2018 with 6 cores instead of my 4 cores for sale. I jumped on it since my house CAN’T run without this computer up and running. I figured it would be good to have a spare. I’m wanting to move to the new one since it’s a little faster. Only downside is that I’ve gone from a 500gb HD to a 128gb HD. This was the first MacMini with the PIE Hd so upgrading the HD isn’t possible. Fortunately it still has upgradeable ram (that went away next gen) so I can replace the 32g ram with the 64 that I have on the current machine.

I’ve had to move whatever programs I could off the internal drive to free up space. The PRIMARY propose of this computer is Wdisplay and Indigo (home automation program) everything else is secondary. The program is taking up 1.28GB in the app folder and almost 6GB in the documents folder. It would free up a lot of space if I could move it to the SSD drive that is my secondary location for things I’m moving off the internal drive. I’ve got an Application and Documents folder on the SSD drive.

In the .int file
[Program location]

I assume if I move the program to the SSD applications folder and the data to the SSD Documents folder, both being in the root of the drive, all I’d need to do is change the int file to

[Program location]

Is my thinking here correct? One thing I’m not sure of is how the program finds the .int file? Is that in the preference file? I don’t see a setting to designate where the data folder is. But then again there are layers and layers of setting so I could be missing it.

Hi Colovin,
The easiest way to get more space for the WD volume would be to install MacOS to an external drive and boot from that. You would then be able to choose the size of the drive and could use the built-in drive as a Time Machine backup for the WD data. I am doing something like that with an older iMac. If you choose an SSD for the external drive, boot times are not too shabby.

That’s an interesting possibility but I’ve got my “space” trimmed down to 99GB. Moving WDisplay would give me a little more padding. I think I also have another gig or 2 that I could lose. There has always been a bit of lag when I’ve booted off of external drives in the past. I’m not sure I’d want that in my main vein computer.

The new computer shipped with Monterey which was surprising. I didn’t think the 2018 mini shipped with anything but Mojave. I was able to down grade it, had a little bit of a hiccup because the installer file I had was corrupt. Found another so it’s now running Mojave. Haven’t moved the operation over to it yet.

[size=116][size=10pt]So far no Joy in moving the program and data location. I’ve done lots of searching on the forum with no results. Apparently I’m the only one trying this.

1st attempt, program ran from the external drive but created a new wdisplay data folder in the original /user/documents folder.

So I thought maybe putting just the .int file in the original location with the program location changed in the .int file to /Volumes/Elf/Users/ace/Documents/wdisplay would be the answer. (I’ve recreated all the system file locations on the external drive)

Almost, it ran and showed the historical data but was missing the solar arch graph from my solar sensor. Also it wasn’t doing the minute interval FTP to Indigo, my home automation program. After a minute or two it thanked me for checking out the demo with links to register. Soooooo

I guess if nothing else I’ll try running the program from the external and keep the data on the internal drive. That would save me a 1.28 gigs, haven’t tried that yet. I’m just hoping to get it all on the external.

I’m still looking for suggestions. [/size][/size]