Invalid URL when submitting for a token for PWS dashboard

I would like to download the token for PWS Dashboard but every time I submit it tells me my URL is invalid.

Hi mde2960,

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Attached a screenshot of the two screens needed to download.
Step 1: at “. .” you enter some data.
And click the button.

Step 2: the next screen “. . . Loading...” loads which contains the link.
When clicking that link

Step 3: the download should be put into your download folder

I just tested it two times and two times it worked as planned, the downloads arrived in my browsers download folder.

Question 1: Which step do you get an error message?
And what is the exact text of the message? Often there is a number in the message for me to check the logs.

Question 2: Can you post the URL the scripts are complaining about?


When I click submit button at the bottom.

URL for your website seems invalid. Needs manual checking. (54)
Error occurred: Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds

Your data:

[name] => Michael Dean Evans
[email] => [email protected]
[email_check] => [email protected]
[region] => usa
[datasrc] => MB_rt
[url] =>

That site is inaccessible for me, so quite probably for the PWS site too. Is it definitely online and publicly accessible?

I am hosting my site on a NAS.

Once I add the files to my server and direct my URL to it. It should work.

Michael Evans

The process to issue a token checks that the web site exists, that’s why you get the error when requesting one.

I want to make a site with my weather station but need the token to get the files to produce the site.

Wim can probably generate one for you manually but try creating a simple Hello World page that you can access on that URL and try again.

Normally the first step is to make a site accessible.
Even when using a reputable provider, that is not a trivial task.
When opening your home with a local NAS-website server it is more than some can handle.

If installing complex websites, one often need support.
Without a internet accessible website, support is either impossible or very time consuming

  1. for you whenmaking screenshots, uploading files a.s.o.
  2. and for the people who try to help you

That way, if there are problems with the dashboard , outside help can use the debug console, inspect files and check the generated html.

If you do not need any support, use a real website URL f.i. then you get your download.


What kind of NAS? I host my site ( Willowsford Farm - Home ( on a Synology NAS. There are few key steps to do so but it’s fairly simple.

I did and it still says it’s invalid.

My domain is registered with Squarespace formally Google.

It takes a bout 24 - 48 hours before a domain-name is updated in all DNS-servers around the world.

As said before, just use an existing domain name like and the download will start.

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