Integration of data into Weather from file

Hello, (sorry for my english, but I’m french)
For few days, I use the Weather Display program with my WMR-918 station.
It’s ok, but
before, I used a program (writed by me…), and this program had stocked the serial data into file (all byte send by station).

How do I to integrate these datas into Weather Display??
I send data by com1 port (simulation) but the time is not update.
Could you help me please?

its possible i could add this
but whay format do you want it in?

For the WMR-918 station, I had stocked the informations into a file like this:
into a binary file: for exemple:
ff ff 06 00 29 02 41 09 8b 61 90 33 06 2e
ff ff 0e 81 8d

the time send by station (ff ff 0E and ff ff 0f) dosn’t seem integrate into WD.
I have 20 mouths of datas stocked into files (under format upper)
I whis integrate these datas nto WD.
Thank you for your response