Installation problem

I upload to my website the appropriate files but at my site/pwsWD directory the installation doesn’t start why?

Hi ZDimitris,
Welcome to the forum and thanks for testing the PWS_Dashboard.

As almost all members of the forum are not clairvoyant, we need a link to your website to check if we can find the problem.

If there is a blank page only, it could be a “500”-error if you are running a very old PHP version. Or a brand new PHP version as the template is tested up to PHP 8.2.5 only.

Or it could be that you did not allow PHP to be run on a WordPress sub-folder on your website.
Maybe this can help:

Or you have a HTML only hosting package.

Or . … another dozens of reasons.

But to give a more precise answer, please post the link to your website.
If you do not want to post it here on the forum, sent me the link using a message or a mail.


The php version was the problem.i solve the issue