Installation error (Erreur jointe au lancement)

This small program is used to check your web server settings if they prohibit installing the PWS_Dashboard.
You only need to re-run this program if you encounter unknown errors.
check 1 : $_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”]: result = OK, server =
check 2.1 : Your current PHP version is : 7.0.33
check 2.2 : CURL support: result = OK
check 2.3 : simplexml support: result = OK
check 2.4 : GD support: result = OK: bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
check 3.1 : file_exists: result = OK
check 3.2 : chdir: result = OK
check 3.3 : file_put_contents: result = OK
check 3.4 : chmod: result = OK
check 3.5 : unlink: result = OK
check 4 : json support: result = OK
check 5.1 : load file from updates site : result = ERROR failed, invalid data data retieved: check 5.2 : load file from backup updates site : result = ERROR failed, no data or to few data chars data retieved:>
There are fatal error


Thanks for testing the PWS_Dashboard.

It seems your webserver is not able to load data from some other websites.
Two different hosting companies reject or ignore requests from your shared IP-address.

That happens often with a few free / low-cost hosting companies where websites all share the same IP-address.
If one or more of the websites are using illegal bots or attack scripts, such an IP is blocked.
There are 88 domains hosted on the same web server as (

You could try to go to the next install step, use . . /pwsxWD/easyweathersetup.php in your browser.
Check later on if your website is able to load dynamically the normal data such as forecasts, weather warnings a.s.o.

If that fails you could ask for a private IP-address or switch to another hosting company.