Index file help needed

Hi all.
Working through setting up pws dashboard nicely but…
[] works ok but
[] no joy.
Server or website configuration is blocking you from viewing this page message
I guess it’s an index file issue. Contacted support and advised to move all files from within pwsWD into htdocs. Did this but still no go. (Dragged and dropped in Filezilla). Any help appreciated. Ps it’s a free hosting site.

for info, sorted it by dragging the individual files into the htdocs folder. Read somewhere that some free hosts don’t see subdirectories for the index file.

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It is more “future proof” to use a separate folder for all scripts.
That way you can use a “production” folder f.i. pwsWD and a test folder “pwsTST”.

Also you can install other dashboards or templates such as MeteoTemplate or SaratogaTemplate everyone in a separate folder.
That way there is no problem with different scripts using the same script-name

If you want your users to always go into the “most important” folder, you insert an index.html or index.php in the root-folder in your case the htdocs folder.
That small script will then redirect the visitor to your “most important” folder.

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0; url=">


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