Important notice for all using google maps!

Hi guys,
it was pointed out to me by several people, who have recently installed Meteotemplate, that their maps are not working.

Doing some Google search I relatively quickly found the problem:

What this means:

Anyone using Google Maps on their site (I am not talking about Meteotemplate, this applies to anyone) will now have to get an API key and will also have a daily quota. Users who already have been using Google Maps on their sites prior June 22 now have 90 days to make changes in their scripts and include API key. After that it will stop working. New users have to get the API key right from the beginning - and that also explains why any new user of my template does not currently have maps working.

I will make the corresponding changes and prepare instructions how to proceed for all Meteotemplate users, but I wanted to mention this to anyone, because I know that many people use Google maps on their sites, and honestly - there is no alternative that would get even close to what Google Maps can do. Fortunately, the daily quota seems to be ok for all users like us, who dont have tens of thousands of daily visits.

One problem is that this is obviously something you cannot cache, so caching here will not help.