Import data from datalogger / logfiles?

what is to do, if the pc is not on instantly? how do I import the data to wd from the data logger?

are the data then also integrated in the logfiles (i.e. 82003lg.csv.csv)?

thanks for helping!

very easy. Have WD set to upload from the davis datalogger on startup. Depending on how frequent you have the interval set ( 1 min gives the smoother graph).

You have two options here. Preferable would to go under Setup in WD then down to datalogger setup then over to the Davis setup. After doing this ( I wouldn’t clear the archive option as you might need it later and besides the logger over writes the old data anyway). Then be sure to exit and save so that the settings are saved.

When you start WD, the program will immediately access the logger and do the download of data.

The second method which I find brings in the data, but the graphs suck is to go to action, then import log files. The program will let you import the download.txt from the station directory for weatherlink, should you have it on board too.

If you are only doing WD this option is not available. WEatherlink downloads two download.txt files. One which is in the station directory has the last data if you did download first to weatherlink . the second download.txt is in the weatherlink root directory and merely is a txt file record of what downloaded and any error problems.

ME? I would use the first method , action -datalogger setup-davis and be happy.

Verbose answer? Not a chance - Right Guys!!!

while loading the archived data from the logger, wd can`t receive data from the console. are these data lost? (there are missing data in the logfile I noticed…). waht happens with them?


regardless of the program you chose, data isn’t being written to the logger when the file downloads to the computer. Unless things are really happening with massive change, it should be insignificant…

And of course unless you are using 1minute intervals and doing data analysis of those intervals, I would not be concerned.

But to get back, If one downloads data from the data logger, then the console doesn’t write to the logger. The Davis unit isn’t able to do two things at once.