I'm considering moving WD to my Mac

I’ve been using WD for over 3 years now on a Windoze XP machine. I’m considering moving it to a Macbook Pro 1.83 with Snow Leopard on it.

I no longer need the Macbook Pro for work since acquiring an iPad 2, so I thought I’d get WD off the PC. Before I make the move, I was just wondering if current Mac users would pipe in with their opinions regarding the Mac version of WD. Should I have any concerns about doing this? (I don’t need input on how to do it, thanks.)

Thanks for any input.

Traj :slight_smile:

you could run parallels so as to keep the windows version functionality…

Hi Traj,

The mac version works quite well however it does not have all the functionality of the Windows version. You may want to download the trial version and play around with it to see if everything you currently use on the windows version will work on the mac. And, as Brian indicated several users are successfully running wd on their mac using parallels if that is something you can do. For me, I am pretty much able to do all I want with the mac version. Brian continues to improve it as time allows.


I’m running WD on Win 7 via VMware Fusion on a Snow Leopard Server Mac Mini … I went this route as the Mac version of WD doesn’t (yet) have the full functionality of the Windows version.

Thanks for the input. I do have Parallels on my iMac, but was hoping to use the Mac version on the laptop. I’ll look into my options.



hello …

Was wondering if the MAC version of WD has the ability to create time lapse movies or not? and also can it upload a still image from an IP camera to the website?

I am helping a friend that runs WD on a Mac (Paul from Medfield, ma) and he has an Axis ip camera and a temporary live camera page setup, which will become a permanent live camera page once he gets the camera mounted outdoors in an enclosure.

he asked me to help him setup his time lapse movies and figure out how we could upload a still image, but I am unfamiliar with Mac on WD Options.

so if WD mac version will do time lapse…how does he get the webcam Icon started? so that he can set the file save location and times etc etc>

Thanks for any help on this…Chris

Hi Chris,

The Mac version doesn’t have this ability … for this and other reasons I and a few others run the Windows version on a Parallels/VMware virtual machine.



I sent a PM. I also use Parallels, but do the video using Evocam. It will do what you want.


there was thread about a way using the FFMPEG from memory

WD for the Mac can upload a web cam file though


Brian thanks for the help, but can you tell me exactly how/where we start…to get the webcam image uploading in the mac version? we may need this to add a still image to his homepage, updating the image every 5 minute intervals.

hi Traj… thanks for reply. I got a pm from you, but all it contained was a quote of what I sent you. there was nothing else in the PM. something must have went screwy somewhere down the line.


have you checked out evocam?

No not yet. You said WD can upload a still image on Mac, and I was just asking where in WD do I go to set this up?

Keep in mind, I am asking these questions for paul, which has the Mac, I am on a PC. Just trying to get the help so I can relay the message to him.

only thing he may need evo for is if he does time lapse movies.


control panel, ftp/internet setup, web cam upload setup
you select the file, add it the list and tick to upload those files
then turn the switch on and set the upload times

also make sure the ftp details are set in the connections setup and the main switch is on there

evocam might have ftp too…cant remember off hand

Evocam has FTP and a streaming server. You can set up an upload of a still image while also streaming the video. At the same time, it will generate a daily time lapse.
That’s only part of what it does. Very powerful software for around 30 bucks.