How do iget the icons to change? i.e. Daytime to nightime etc???

do you have your lat/long set under view, sun moon?

Yes, its 10 at nite and the sunny day icon is showing… If I go into ‘Input Daily Weather’ I can choose another Icon, but then that one never changes…
PS hopefully we beat you guys on Saturday!!!

you mean rugby?
re the input daily weather:
make sure you do not have ticked use this icon as the main icon
but email me your wdisplay.ini file from c:\windows or c:\winnt

Be sure you have the windows time zone set correctly too.

Sent ini file, and yes the rugby!! I am originally from SA.

Now the screen says it is snowing!! It is raining (we never get snow!!). How does the software determine which ICON to use??

sorry SA lost the rugby!
go to setup, summary image and icon setup
and check the snow threshold and snow melt (this one default is 50)
and click on OK
an older version there was a bug, and just going there and clicking on OK fixes it

I was sorry about the Rugby result too!! Also sorry that England won!!

WD seems to be better now it says it is raining. Is there a manual available for the software; a download or something, mine came wirth my WMR 968 with no docs at all…

ah, england won,.it was getting too late for me to watch that game

help manual
click on help in wd, and then there is a link to a online help manual