Icons don't match Metar


For some time now (version-wise), the icons often don’t match the metar info. For example: everytime the metar says overcast, the ‘mostly cloudy’ icon is always selected… and this morning, the metar says overcast with light drizzle, and the icon picked is mostly sunny (??)

I have ticked the 'Reset to default icons" and restarted WD… and I have also done the ‘first update of images to web page’. I have even gone into my server files for the web page and deleted all the icons and re-uploaded them. Still it keeps doing this.

Any thought? Has anyone else had this problem?


Sorry… I should have looked before, but I see others are having this problem too.


Has anyone else been able to rectify this problem??


What I did was to go though my icons directory
by changing a few around I found out what icon POSITION
in the directory matched which condition
then installed the appropiate icon to that position.
[They seem to be out of order] :idea:

What do you mean by “moving some of them around”? How do you move files in a directory around? :?:

See instructions in my icons directory, as below

  1. Copy the icons into your \wdisplay\myicons directory.

  2. Start Weather Display and click on ‘Input Daily Weather’

  3. Double Click on the Sunny Icon and go to the ‘myicons’ directory
    and select the ‘Sunny’ icon and click ‘Open’

  4. Repeat with the other icons that you wish to replace.

  5. If you have an internet page then click on “Do first update of images to web page” to update the icons on the web page.

Open input daily weather & rearrange the POSITION of the appropiate icons.
i.e. At Whitby Weather they are [looking at top row of icons]
1=Sunny,2=partly cloudy,3=overcast,4=rain

At my other station they are in a different order

Hope this helps, by selecting different icons as the weather conditions
change it can be sorted out in a day or two.


Thanks Leo… I’ll give it a shot.
I guess it will just take some time to get everything shuffled into it’s right place.


email me the metar when it does not match up keith