I want to have my old wind dials back but how?


I downloaded and installed the latest WD software but don’t like the new wind dials. How can I get the old wind dials back?
Thank you.


Which WD version were you using before updating to the latest version?
The wind dials on the WD main screen haven’t changed is the last couple of years.


I had 1037O beforehand. I can’t see the wind dials since there is such a bright background now.

Hi, you can change the dials background and/or numbers colour (control panel > colours)

Ahh, thanks a lot. :smiley:

and you can turn off the glass effect (in the advanced/misc setup, windspeed setup)

Thank you everybody.
2 more questions please which bother me since the update:
1.) why are there now 2 listings of sunrise, sunset, high tide and low tide- how can I remove the words on the bottom graph?
2.) how can I clear the monthly and annual rain on that main image?

Thanks again.


you have 24 hours of graph data
there are 2 tides in 24 hours

for rain, see under control panel ,offsets and initial rain

Thank you for the rain offset help. That is fixed.

But please have a look at the attached image. I would like to have those things removed where the red arrows point to. I don’t need them twice there at the same graph. The sun rise/set and tide info marked in yellow within the graph is fine. I don’t require the same in white below (which also overrides the hours and make them unreadable).


Regarding wind dials only, I was using the Average, Direction, Gust only as you see them when you click View and Wind dials, then yesterday we were slammed by at least 4 vicious spike/off/spike etc by the power company and it completely scrambled WD, the wind dials now have a much larger “frame” even though I’ve turned everything below the dials off, it’s not resizing as it did before. (Also cost me 2 routers and a security cam plus hours and hours of recovery - I love living in MX and paying $.42/KWH?).

Hi, go to control panel click on summary images & icons, then click on icon/vp forecast/weather description setup & untick the box show sunrise/set on main screen then click on OK, then back in control panel click on solar/lunar& coordinates then click on show tide times & untick the box show times on WD graph.


No change.

Beautiful, thanks a lot. I first unticked the tides but I wanted to have them back in yellow and when I ticked it again, they disappeared from the bottom time graph but came back in yellow.


Btw, is there any way to produce a weather and wind forecast with WD?

re the 2x tide (i.e appearing in the times and on the graph itself)
that is a quirk of how the graphing component works…this has been discussed before…sorry
re forecast: if you use a davis VP then that forecast can be set to be used in WD

Hi Brian,

Thank you.

I don’t understand, sorry. Is it a bug that it shows sunrise, sunset, high tide and low tide twice in the times (making the time unreadable) and on the graph? If so can it be resolved or is there any fix?

Regarding forecast- I have the Vantage Pro2. Is there a way to get the station’s forecast ticker (or icon) to show somewhere on my website and is there any possibility to show a wind forecast (how many knots in the next few days)? Currently the station says it will rain while weather display shows the sunny forecast icon.


is not a bug
its just the way it works

if you dont like it, then turn it off or use the version of WD you were using before

re forecast: yes you can get it to show, set to use the vp forecast in wd, in the summary image and icon setup, forecast …
and there is a custom tag for it for your web site

for more detailed forcasting for windspee, you would need wxsim