I plug and pray at best. Just got my first GR3 radar up and linked to a loop. Was going to replace the next radar image with “echo tops” when I noticed that all titles and radars (regional radar, national radar)are now linked to the the loop. Doing something wrong again!!!.
Page link

Click on radar image to loop!

GR Level III Base Reflectivity

<a href=“
GRlevel3 Radar

  <h3>Regional Radar</h3>
    <IMG height="480" width="640" src=""></img>
  <h3>National Radar</h3> 
    <img src="" alt="Radar" width="640" height="480"></img>    

<!-- ##### Footer ##### -->

<div id="footer">

Thanks for any help,Doug

I think I got it! Tables!!!

Or without tables…

<div id="main-copy">
    <div style="width:755px; margin: auto; text-align: center; color: #000000; font-weight: bold;">
        <p>Click on radar image to loop!</p>
        <p>GR Level III Base Reflectivity
<a href="/wx21.html"><img src="/GR3/kfdr_br1.png"></a></p>
        <p>GR Level III Echo Tops
<a href="/wx21.html"><img src="/GR3/kfdr_et.png"></a></p>

You could replace the style with a class and then have the CSS in your external style sheet.

Worked like a charm and I think it looks better. They should keep you on regular!
I think the legend on the base reflect needs help. Thoughts?
Thanks again for the help, Doug