How to reset Weatherlink IP Datalogger (VantageVue)

For some time now I cannot retrieve data with this datalogger.
When starting WD, this popup window shows but it does not retrieve data.
It’s only counting, then I click abort.
There is no problem with receiving data from WD.
The Weatherlink IP does not send data to the Davis website.
Lately I am having some problems with WD shutting down unexpectedly, the result is that I am missing hours of data.
Therefore I like to reset the datalogger (if that helps) but I don’t know how to do that at best.
It has been running for a very long time and forgot how to set this up.
Do I need login info, id-nummers etc…
Tips are welcome.

The method I use is to remove power to the console, then remove batteries, unplug the datalogger from the console, wait 15 minutes, plug datalogger into console, install batteries, then apply power to the console.

In my experience, when WD appears to take a long time to retrieve missed data from the datalogger it means WD is searching for a specific time stamp in the data. I think it defaults to January 1990 and it is searching every record.

The clock is very important to how WD interacts with the datalogger, so be sure both your computer and VP/Vue console are in sync.

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Like I said mine is running for a long time now without a reset.
How frequently do you reset the datalogger?
I have to check but Vue and WD are in sync I quess.
My datalogger is from 2010.
Could age something have to do with it, always on.

WD does have an option to sync the time on the console

In all the years I have been running WD and Davis products I have performed the total reset maybe 2 or 3 times. My guess is that a power interruption caused corruption in the data, so if you live in an area with power interruptions then it could be more of an issue.

I wouldn’t think so, Davis makes a decent product. I have more issues with the connection between the datalogger and the console then I have with corrupted data. Moving the console can easily disrupt the physical contact and cause issues.