How to overlay images

I would like to use the radar image from this page on my website(have been in touch with Meteox and they ar OK with it) it seems to consist of 2 images which is the radar image and which is the UK
I have no idea how to go about getting the 2 images to overlay can anybody help

You could try something like the following:

Radar & Satellite

Hope this helps.


Hi John
had a play with that (limite programming skills) I was going to use it to replace the radar image on the main page so I had to reduce the size to 320x240 this unfortunatly reduced the UK image cutting off the bottom of the country, how would you scale both images down to that size and retain the full image

Hi Stewart,

You have a problem in that you are trying to scale a 512 x 512 image to 320 x 240. If you retain the square shape of the image, this is a difficult problem. It might be possible by means of an image processor to change the kaart.gif to say 320 x 320 but reducing the y to 240 (and retaining the image shape) means you will lose some of the picture, which you say you do not want. The main difficulty is altering the data in the loop as it will have to be done in real time. If you look at my page ( using the table arrangement given in the previous email, you will see that because I have over 900 pixels in the X and Y available on my display, the image appears at a reasonable size. You do not say why you can’t have a higher number of pixels for the image.

I guess this is not very helpful but a resolution of 320 x 240 seems a rather poor standard to aim for, if you could increase that, so much the better.


Thanks John, I see what your getting at, I agree it would be better on a separate web page so I can use the full size. the only reason I wanted it smaller was to use it on the main page in place of the rain radar image
Thanks again

hello stewart…

a good example of the stand alone radar/satellite page can be seen here on budgie’s site:

as for trying to accomplish this down to 320 by 240…not sure it will work as john mentioned above, but to add a new page to your site with the data in normal size like budgie has done wouldnt be a bad idea and addition to your evolving weather website.

happy new year…Chris