How To move my Weather Display from Windows 10 to Rasberry pi 4?


I’ve been running Weather Display on a laptop and Windows 10 for a long time now. Now I’ve decided to run WD from a Rasberry pi 4 instead. Is there a step by step instruction for this and, what do I do to transfer data history? I intend to run both systems in parallel before leaving Windows.

Best regards Jan

Before you start, just check that the Pi consolewd version does everything you need. If you’re just feeding clientraw files to a web server then that’s OK, but if you’re using the HTML or graphics that Windows WD generates then you’re out of luck. It’s a simpler version of the Windows version.

I don’t think there’s a set of instructions for migrating from Windows to Pi. There are instructions for setting up consolewd on the Pi, so that’s the first step. Once you’ve got it running, shut it down and copy the Windows log and datafiles across to the relevant directory (they’re named sensibly) and then re-start consolewd. I think that’s really all there is to it.

Hi Chris!

Thanks for quick reply! I thought it would be good to run them in parallel to see what happens. I am terrified to try this to say the least. In WD, I have a feed to my website (Landet), wondering if all this works in the end. Anyway, I’ll try and see. Once again, many thanks for your quick response. Best Jan.

Don’t be terrified…if you’re not used to Linux then it will take a bit of effort to figure it all out but the instructions in the FAQ section of the forum are pretty complete so you should end up with working config. If you get stuck there are quite a few people using it, including me.

I find I forget it’s running most of the time and have to remember to log in to update the OS. I’m just doing that now…103 days uptime and consolewd has been humming along happily all that time.

I have downloaded the setup file and am reading the readme.txt. There is, to say the least, little to do to get WD up and running. Configuring WD in Linux isn’t easy either. I can’t find any good instruction for WD in Linux, do you know if there is?

Best regards Jan

I don’t know because I’ve never run the full Linux WD version. I just used the Pi version because it did what I needed, i.e. data capture and upload of the basic clientraw files to use in FreshWDL and MeteoTemplate. They generate their own graphics so I didn’t need WD to do that for me.

OK, I have envisioned a similar WD as in Windows. In any case, it will be an interesting project :wink:

Best Jan

The full Linux version is similar to Windows WD.

Pi consolewd just runs in the background gathering data them uploading it. There is a small front end for it but I’ve never used it