How to add extra or replace standard weather-values - clarification

My Davis Vantage Vue which I use for one of my PWS dashboards has a duff humidity sensor.
I successfully used the extra sensor upload file to replace the humidity value from another sensor. Now wanting to replace other values - dewpoint being the main one.
What is the syntax for this?
|humidity|hum| is the example given - would Dewpoint be |dewpoint|dew|

Edit: I realize dewpoint is calculated - I am using a meteobridge that seems to have a logical sensor with the data.


Hi Guy,

Next time, please post a link to your PWS_Dashboard website.
Now i had to scan your old post to check which weather-program you use.

Dewpoint is a “temperature-type” value.

The line in your extra upload file should look like
Replace the X with the correct sensor number.
0 is the default outtside temop/hum sensor

But you could also modify the lines in your main upload file.
Then you do not have to use an extra upload file
Lines 3-5 in your realtimeMB.txt read
Replace the * with the correct internal MB-sensor number


But you can also let your Meteobridge do the mapping
Readme and scroll to mapping
There is an example of using th1 (second station) as the th0 (primary station)
But you can also use an extra th sensor of a primary station.


@ ALL Best wishes for 2024

My apologies and thanks! Will make sure I post that (I did know).
I was more focused on the syntax of the first part of the statement and not the specific weather program used.