How to Add Animatted graphic to your Webpage Header Title

Hello All,

Perhaps you are bored with your Header Title and Want to give your Site A little Animation. I have written this simple to follow Instructions for anyone that has the Basic/Default Carterlake Template Header and wants to add an animation to their Header, like I have added to My Pages. to have a look, view my Header with Animated Lighthouse Here:

  1. The First step is to first Decide What Animated Gif you want to use. (Note: you can also use a NON Animated Gif if you desire)

  2. The next Step is to download the Animated Gif to your Hard Drive. (Note: The Size of the Gif I am using is 45 by 45) When Choosing a G"if" Be sure to get one close to the size I have, because if you get one too big, or too small, it wont look right.

  3. Next Step is to upload the Gif to your Server. This needs to only be uploded one time and you must remember the actually name of it, as this info will be needed to edit your wxlocal’s. (NOTE: I named mine “lighthouse.gif”)

  4. Next you will now need to edit your wxlocal files (wx-wx9), and any other pages you may have and locate the section within them that is shown below:

<div id="header">
  <h1 class="headerTitle"><align="left"><img src="" border="0"></img><a href="./index.php" title="Browse to homepage">West Wareham, Mass. Weather Station</a></h1>
  1. final Step is to edit your wxlocal’s as above, but making sure to change the path to your “gif” (“”), and also the Title of your Pages ('West Wareham, Mass. Weather Station")

Thats It!!

Thank you, …Chris