How to add a menu link for GR3 radar images,

It reads “$frame = ‘test_image2’; // an internal script name which must”

I need to know what it must do! :slight_smile: I’m trying to add a a menu link to a popup or iframe with GR3 radar images, but I’m running into an issue. I’m hoping that little bit of missing info will point me in the right direction.

Hi Rikostan,

Welcome to the forum and succes with using the PWS_Dashboard.

You already added an extra page to the menu by adding items to the _my_settings/frames.php

Every menu-item must have an unique name, the example text should read

$frame = ‘test_image2’; // an internal script name which must be unique

Important first step: test the “popup or iframe with GR3 radar images” stand-alone. It should work in your browser before adding the link to your menu or to the pop-up of one of your blocks.

Still having problems: Post the link to the “popup or iframe with GR3 radar images” so I can test why it is not working.

A lot of pages / images can not be displayed in other websites as they contain code to block display on other sites.

I assume it is based on this script: . . .
I tested it and it hows OK

For that script o you have to add these lines to frames.php to show it in your PWS_dashboard menu.

$show   = true;
if ($show == true) {
$frame                  = 'GR3_radar';
$frm_ttls[$frame]       = 'GR3_radar Test';  // name in menu
$frm_src[$frame]        = '';
#$frm_wdth[$frame]       = 800;   // optional set this to the width if resizing is to ugly
$frm_hgth[$frame]       = 1500; 

After clicking, it would look as this screenshot.

Two rermaining problems are caused by incomplete html. You have to add the surrounding html to change the transparent background.
And to center the image nicely.


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Thanks, Wim! That is above and beyond what I needed. I’ll work on it today and report back.

I marked this as solved. It’s working correctly now, but like you said I just need to make it look pretty by tweaking the html.


I was pretty happy with how the frame turn out, but then I found the “Hanis Scripts” that have nicer controls… LOL
Oh well, the process is helping me remember how to do all this stuff.

Going to work on that other script now and see which one I ultimately like better.