How do I stop this?

Hi, I am having a server issue and I cannot connect to the server due to too many connections from this IP Address. I have contacted my server and they state there is a lot of traffic coming from my IP address. Funny as its been fine for years and I haven’t done anything to change this…

Any way, I am trying to stop the file uploaded every minute, this is ftp log:

I have unticked everything but it still shows up on the ftp log every minute.

FTPUPD.EXE finished at 08:06:07 04/12/2020
Time taken = 0.02 minutes
Total bytes uploaded = 0 K
Total bytes uploaded for the day = 0.00 Mb
Total bytes uploaded for the month = 375.04 Mb
FTPUPD.EXE started at 8:07 04/12/20
agenda items to do…
list of files uploaded*

check the webcam upload settings in the ftp/internet setup

Hi Brian, yes tried this. I managed to reset the ftp connections by switching off WD and leaving fibre connnection turned off for some minutes. I then managed to connect to the server, re-upload the steel guages and all was working again…after 15 mins FTP connections again won’t let me connect to the server and steel guages is down.

Incidentally my server provider stated that the file causing problems was clientrawhour.txt I don’t see how as this has worked for years with only the update to the WD when a new one is available.

Any ideas?

I don’t use filezilla

your provider has obviously tightened some screws
all you can do is ask them to ease up a bit on restrictions
you could try deleting the clientrawhour.txt file in case its corrupted