How do I get live weather-display data into HIGHCHARTS?

I like the simple look of HIGHCHARTS and have played around with them a tiny bit just to see
if I could make slight alterations and have them work. Results have been promising even
if I mostly looked at one demo to get pieces to apply to another demo. That approach is good enough
for me if it does not involve a great deal of trial and failure. Way back 30 years ago one of my science students on an exam called it “trial by error”. I loved that.

I’m looking for help at how to get live weather-display data into HIGHCHARTS. Probably what would be best is an example set-up where someone can point to the sections which get the weather data for the charts.

I do have a little (distant) familiarity with javascript and worked through a book on php during Summer 2015. So I don’t mind working with those if I don’t have to invent too much. I’ve seen an example somewhere here where highcharts were used to show wd data, but - as I recall the work was extremely rigorous and detailed, done by an obviously fine programmer. Great as that is, all the error trapping and such made for loads and loads of script to look through trying to find where the live data was being read into highcharts. I never did find it. Oh! I also have worked through some excercises with mySQL and myAdminSQL databases.