How can one run 2 instances of WD concurrently on one computer?

I have 2 identical LaCrosse 2310 weather stations running, and would like to plot and ftp data from both to my webpage.

I successfully installed a second instance of WD in a separate directory on my hard drive following Brian’s instructions and those listed in Installing multiple instances of WD on your computer - Weather Display General FAQs -

However, it appears I’m not smart enough to make both instances initialize when the computer boots.
Further, it appears that only one version of the program internal ftp program runs.

Anybody else been down this path who can give me some pointers in how to make 2 instances of WD run concurrently?


install to a different location
then create a file there called 2wd.txt (make sure its not called 2wd.txt.txt (untick to hide known file extensions in the windows folder)
then create separate start up short cuts in the windows start up folder

this does work, each having its own separate settings and data

Thanks once again Brian—I must just be exceedingly dull. I apologize for taking up so much of your time on this.
I figured by posting my question on the forum I wouldn’t waste as much of it.

I did not create separate startup shortcuts in the windows start up folder–I selected ‘run at Windows startup’ in the WD setup sequence. Perhaps when one does this Windows doesn’t know there’s actually 2 different executables that need to be initialized.
I actually tried renaming the second WD executable to something else before selecting ‘run at Windows startup’. But that did not work.

So–to recap, if I create a file there called 2wd.txt (making certain its definitely NOT called 2wd.txt.txt and then create separate start up short cuts in the windows start up folder, I should be able to set each instance to FTP its specific data to my webpage using the internal ftp program in that particular instance?

(I also set the second instance ftp program to upload at different times to avoid both trying to do it at the same time–is this unnecessary?)

do not use the menu option to start when windows starts
instead create a shortcut yourself and then put those intto the windows start up folder

there should be no need to have separate times to upload if on broadband

as long as you have the 2wd.txt file set correct, where the second install is, that version will have separate settings and data

Hi Brian–everything worked perfectly. The only thing I needed to do was to give the 2 shortcuts different names.
I really appreciate your help!


Hello also I’m felt on its second HDD install WD to the new directory 2wd.txt,but after completing installation plus trigger squeeze WD me forbore on first installation WD work FTPupd.exe plus stood all upload on server. Why, where I’m fumble?

Hi—I’m not sure I understand your technical issues.
One thing that I forgot to do was to provide a different file name for the files to be uploaded for the second instance of WD.
If you describe your issues in more detail, perhaps I can help–but beware–I am a newbie! 8O

Hello Steve,
neither am I big specialist.Is here language wall.Therefore be grateful for counsel from anyone here. I have got also two station.Davis that the handle WD on C:\ wdisplay\ plus station WS2300 which gives data to the second installation on to other HDD D:\2WD.txt\wdisplay\ .if start both installation at the same time everything behave well.Only on (first)installation WD on (C:) me stops upload.Programme FTPupd.exe repeatedly reports error. When overleaf installation on D:\2WD.txt\wdisplay\ thrust forth in connections “main internet switch” (reds OFF) tower this contact - maker automatically and on first installation WD on C:. Both wd on mine machine as if were to be somehow connecteds plus one depend upon second. Somewhere I have to do some stupid error plus I don’t know where.Last remark. Overleaf installation WD (D:\2WD.txt\wdisplay) I don’t want send round on server any data.Upload I want have off.This installation I want have for only personal need here on his PC.You can me please advise st. to ? Thanks

Hi Jirka.
It may take some time–but lets see if we can work thru this. (Maybe somebody more skillful than me will jump in to help out)

  1. The directory for the second copy of Weather Display does not need to be named "D:\2WD.txt\wdisplay"
    Try naming it “D:\wdisplay2”
  2. In that directory create an empty file created using any text editor–
    a) I used Microsoft Notepad and typed a single ASCII character, saved the file, and then edited out the ASCII character and saved again.
    Weather Display apparently needs this file structure to work.
  3. I turned off the other instance of WD until I got this one FTPing files properly (by copying the configuration settings used for the first instance)
    a) The file names for the uploaded files on the second instance must be different, or one WD program will overwrite the other at the ISP FTP destination site
  4. I created shortcuts for each instance of the executable “WeatherD.exe” located in the 2 different directories by using right mouse click and then
    “create shortcut” on the executable file name
  5. I renamed each shortcut --one to “Shortcut to WeatherD.exe”, and the other to “Shortcut to 2ndWeatherD.exe”
  6. I copied these 2 shortcuts to the Startup directory on my Hard Drive: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
    (May be different on your system)–this was the part I missed originally. Without this step, the 2 programs will not work properly at startup.
  7. I turned off the “run at windows startup” selection on the two instances of Weather Display accessed at the Weather Display program control pull down window for Setup.

Give these things a try, and lets see if things work for you.


How much such empty file I have to create plus how is call?

It’s 2wd.txt I have attached it, just right click and save it in the same directory as the second WD program.

Thanks Niko—I hadn’t had my coffee yet when I posted that last note.

Sometimes I think this would be easier to explain if we told people to create a non-empty file #-o

Well , fecit I’m set 2wd.txt according to directions from Niko,placing I’m this set to the directory D:\wdisplay2 what about now Shall I herewith set do? I’m sorry, that the be slow on the uptake.

That’s all you have to do with the file Jirka.
Turn off other copy of Weather display and get the 2nd copy working to ftp the files for the parameters you want to upload.
Use different file names than those names in your other copy of Weather Display.

Finally, make a differently named shortcut for each of the WeatherD.exe files in your 2 directories as I described earlier, and place them in your startup directory.

Should work–I think!

Hello Steve,thank for your patience.
I think, that the already I’m put near home. Indeed yet have any questions. Meanwhile mine FTP on first installation runs well, if Shall I both WD running at the same time. If second WeatherD.exe on D:\ finish (close),then FTP on first installation runs no problem.In demonstration print mine directory second installation WD please stop, if I’m you well twigged in connection with rename of all exe file as well as placing set 2wd.txt? I have to also in directory “webfiles” overleaf installation WD( D:\wdisplay2) rename every single file ?

Hi Jirka–sorry I didn’t explain things well.
Put all those files back the way they were–do not rename those files.

The files you would want to rename would be in the directory named “D:\wdisplay2\webfiles”
I don’t upload all the files that are there to my Internet Service Provider (ISP), so just renaming the one or 2 I send was easy for me.

BUT—I think there is an easier way which means you do not have to change any file names.

Instead make a second directory at your Internet Service Provider and name it something like Weather_Station_2
Then just set the FTP upload of all your files from the second instance of Weather Display to that directory, and you should be OK.

Make sense?


Well then,files in directory webfiles leave sb. alone (will not rename), but all exe files in wdisplay2 leave in with ex 2nd as it is on mine picture which be sent to before? OK?

Hi again Jirka–no.
“Well then,files in directory webfiles leave sb. alone (will not rename), but all exe files in wdisplay2 leave in with ex 2nd as it is on mine picture which be sent to before? OK?”

  1. Well then,files in directory webfiles leave sb. alone (will not rename)–Correct
  2. but all exe files in wdisplay2 leave in with ex 2nd as it is on mine picture which be sent to before? OK?"–NO–Do NOT rename.

Here is an easy way:

  1. Find what directory your FTP files go to over internet from first Weather Display program
  2. Make a new remote directory to receive FTP files from the SECOND Weather Display program
  3. Set the FTP properties in SECOND Weather Display program to send to the new remote directory

Feel free to email me direct to speed things [email protected]