Hope for those of us New to making web pages

I have eventually got my web page up and running, which is quite amazing to me as a few weeks ago I thought I neede to do a degree course before attempting it!! I used WD and the Carter lake templates and there it is. www.weybourneweather.co.uk
It may not be the most dynamic weather site around, but it works and that pleases me.
Many thanks to all who have answered my various questions for your help and patience.
So if your thinking about it but scared of entering this new mystical world of HTML code and such like, Dive in and give it a go.
I still have a few tweaks to make here and there, and my intention is to eventually move the site from the free space provided by my internet provider to one which will accept php and then use the carterlake php templates but for now I,ll continue with what I have.
Phil :lol:

It certainly can be done. I started mine last November knowing nothing at all and just look at it now!! Of course without the help of Ken and many others who have provided the scripts, templates and coding help many of our sites would be very “plain jane”. Thanks to all who have helped!!

I was another who knew nothing 6 months ago. Now I know a little and have a great site. :smiley: I will echo the thanks for all those who helped.