Holfuy Meteo (with autonomous stations)


If you are searching for a small (1608055mm, ~1kg) solar powered weather station with GPRS communication, please visit www.holfuy.com. We developed the fist modell for wind power sports with a precious wind sensor (paragliding, windsurfing, etc.), but we can make the driver for almost any low power sensors with SPI/I2C/OneWire/UART/Analog output, as we did the driver for an IR could sensor for astronomical use.

One station in Hungary (battery power between 80-100% since 2013. april):

The stations refresh data in every 2 minutes.

On this week we started to generate clientraw data as well (wind speed, direction, gust temperature):

For more info please visit www.holfuy.com

Best Regards,

Holfuy Team