Hobby Boards Solar problem

Hi All,
I have a 1wire (HB) solar, moisture,temp, & lightning sensors, with power injector.
recently the solar is not being sample correctly. the voltage displayed changes between 0.00 to a voltage every minute or so. So no constant voltage is displayed.
I checked and replaced the lightnight 9v battery, and all the connections, and checked the power, and all appears OK.

All was OK until recent versions of WD were released.

Is a problem with WD or my set up?

Has any one any ideas please?

hello, i also have a problem with the solar on the davis vantage pro 2 station… i was wondering where i could find the infomation for the ajustment factor for the solar sensor.

The adjustment factor for Hobby Boards is in [Control Panel] - [Solar Sensor] - [1 Wire/Labjack Solar] should give you the options for adjusting the 100% sunshine mV. But for the Davis and others, I don’t know - Setup, Advanced perhaps? I see in the same path above,in the [Solar Sensor] that there is a tab:

[Thresholds/Icon/Solar Description] and at the bottom of there is a 100% adjustment for VP Solar W/m2 (%)

I hope that helps…