History monthly records...help! -> OK now

Hi guys,
i have a lot of problem with average/extreme mothly report yet.
In my january log file i have all days recorded but at http://www.meteocarmignano.it/wxhistory.php?date=200801 it shows only since 17th days.
What can i do?
Thanks in advance,


Hi Alessandro,

It seems your http://www.meteocarmignano.it/January2008.htm file only has data or the 17th of January in it, so that’s all that shows on the http://www.meteocarmignano.it/wxhistory.php?date=200801

You should use WD, View, Averages/Extremes, Recreate the web av/ext page TAB to regenerate the January2008.htm file, then upload it to your website.

Best regards,

Hi Ken!
In my 12008lg.txt there are all day of month reported.
Why january2008.htm is created almost empty from WD?


Maybe a bug? You should be able to recreate the January2008.htm file from the 12008lg.txt using the WD menu I’d cited above.
Do that, then upload the January2008.htm from your c:\wdisplay\webfiles to your website and it should fix the issue.

Best regards,

convert the logfile to data file first
(but the logfile needs to be correct (use the data alignment check)

Hi Brian!
how do i make that conversion? Because i’ve already done the procedure that Ken told me in previously post but this issue remains.


action, convert wd logfiles to data(graph) files, then select that logfile and click on convert
but check the data alignment under view, av/ext,check/correct the data, then load that logfile, then check the alignment then scroll down to check the date/time lines up all the way to the end

While realizing that this discussion is not about the climatedataout files I have one remaining month that is blank after doing all that same type work on the climatedataout*.html recently. Sometimes all the rebuilding just does not work.

Hi guys!
Thanks for your helps, i’ve resolved some problems with monthly reports.
It remains only july 2008 because the log file like to corrupt…but i don’t know why.
Look at the attachment, please.
Thanks in advance for your helps,


you will need to use the alignment check ability after loading the logfile and then scroll down to find where the time/date gets of out of sequence and then look in the logfile at that point in time and check for a problem
(i.e a doubled up line or an extra data etc)

Hi Brian!
I don’t know what kind of problem my 072008log file has.
For me, it’s ok.
Others suggestions?


Hi, you can try the logfile-checker:


Works great!

Thanks Kees, it’s very usefull :smiley:
But…is it possible to have a log file in this condictions?
Check this link: http://www.meteocarmignano.it/72008lg.txt
What kind of problems has this log?
Thanks again,


I ran your log through the link suggested by kees and there are lots of corrections to be made. I have literally spent days correcting log files in the past when I was using a LaCrosse unit. They do have to be corrected.

Wow… looks OK, but when you run through the checker not a single line appears to be OK 8O
We’ll have to check it line by line I’m afraid. I will take a look for you tomorrow.

Thanks for your help Kees!
How should i edit this log?

a zip of that file would be faster to download
anyway, I downloaded the logfile
the clue is an error reported under view, program error log
invalid numerical input
1 7 2008 11 29 32.2 4[color=red]

Hi Brian,
i’ve already corrected the bad data into my log file.
But now, i’ve others problem from 10.07.2008 since to end.
i don’t know how to correct these errors!
Why are there two files?

Edit 23.34: I tried your data Brian…and i’ve also converted it in .txt but the problem persist!
During data-check in WD the program stopped at 6 into “Day to correct” field.

use the data file that I have converted and posted here

Hi Brian,
i’ve converted your .inf log files in .txt. (what’s your month72008direction3.inf?)
After that i’ve opened correct/check the data but during this step i’ve seen that in the “Day to correct” field the counter stopped at 6.
Than i’ve opened check data alignment but the result was bad after 7.7.2008 2.35.