Heres a weird one

Ive just downloaded the Weather Display demo…connected it to my weather station and made my first test page for the web. Ive uploaded it and its there OK because I can see it using eg FileZilla and infact I can download it to my desktop too

But the browsers dont seem to see it and return a 404 error

Is this something to do with the demo mode?? Is there another explanation??


Your personal site displays fine (not WD) without the “truro.htm” on the end…are you certain you have it all configured correctly to upload what files are needed etc??? Its not the matter of uploading , there are files you must make sure are being uploaded…

Are you 100% sure that the location are spelling in the URL are correct? Remember that the www is case sensitive, e.g. truro.htm and Truro.htm are not the same thing.

Yup, this works

Linux based servers are cASe sensitive and there is a difference with Truro.htm and truro.htm


What an idiot…is this the embarrassed emoticon? :oops: :oops: :oops:

Yes it is, but don’t worry, we’ve all used it a few times :lol:

It’s a very easy trap to fall into, especially if you use Windows “at home” - because the Windows file system is not case sensitive so when tested locally Truro.htm and truro.htm both work…