Help with Cumulus imports


I have about a month and a half’s worth of data I recorded using Cumulus and I’d like to import it to WD. I used the feature that converts a Cumulus file to a WD logfile, but WD apparently thought the Cumulus data was in Centigrade, so it converted it to Fahrenheit when inserting it into WD’s log system.

My Cumulus files were already in Fahrenheit, so WD’s conversion wasn’t necessary. I ended up with temps over 140F. It also did the same for dewpoint.

Also, I think WD assumed the Cumulus wind speeds were in knots (they were actually MPH), so I ended up with wacky windspeeds, too.

Thankfully I had backed up my logs prior to this, so I was able to recover. It was amusing seeing all the new “record highs” light up when the new Cumulus data was digested. :slight_smile:

Anything I can do about this? Is this a bug or user error? :smiley:


Can WD convert Cumulus files to WD logs? I looked for the option and couldn’t find it anywhere…(it can convert files from other programs though)

Go to "action / Import log files from other software / Cumulus monthly csv log import( near bottom)

Have fun - make sure ‘units’ in each software are the same !!

:infinity: :infinity:

I don’t have that option on my list
Is it a recent add-on for WD?
Perhaps I need to update…do I just download WD again from the downloads page and overwrite the previous version?

Yup it will overwrite the program but not your data :wink:

i had assumed the cumulus logfiles were always in C
so I will need to add option if they are in F
and I will need to change to have option for mph windspeed

Hey Brian, the way the Cumulus logs work is that the data is stored in the units that the user has selected. Which might mean you will need to add options asking what units the data is in before importing. My cumulus files use km/h and I think WD has assumed that it is in knots

alot more work than I realised to do then to accomodate all the possible unit selections

If you have access to a realtime.txt file, it has the units for each of the types of values in it.

Label Pos Dat Desc =========== === === ===================== windunit 13 mph wind units tempunit 14 C temperature units pressunit 15 mb pressure units rainunit 16 mm rain units


I’ve not been paying much attention for a while so a newer version (more fields) might be available now, but they would be added to the end of that file, not change what already is being used.

OK. I can use Excel to convert my Cumulus logfiles to C/kts before importing them. I’ll give it a go.


This worked.

thats good
hopefully that is a solution for anyone else that might want to do this (I do not think there will be many users wanting to do this)

Yeah, it’s a one-time deal for me, with only a couple months of data, so it wasn’t any trouble.