Help create graphs

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know how to create graphs with the scripts of: “canvasjs” or “Highcharts” or other free ones? I would like to create graphs with temperature, humidity, rain etc etc
Thanks for the help

If you are running Weather Display then there are PHP graphs available which use JPGraph (free version) and data from the clientraw files. If using CumulusMX then there is an addon called CumulusUtils which builds graphs using Highcharts. There may be others as well.


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I use Highcharts to create a number of different graphs - from real-time ( Willowsford Farm - Realtime Charts ( to archive ( Willowsford Farm - Daily AQI ( among others.

I use WD, so I create extra text/CSV files from WD using the parameters I want in testags.php, then use Highcharts to read the CSV files and create the graphics. If you’re interested I can describe the specifics.

@novawx Might be worth putting something together explaining how to use Highcharts so others can see it here. I for one would appreciate it as so far I have used what is available in CumulusMX on a test site but want to ‘roll my own’.


Sure, I can do so. I’ll put together a summary of my process.

I’ve attached a zip file with instructions (Instructions to create HighCharts graphs with Weather Display.docx) for my process and supporting example files.

This might be a convoluted method to create HighCharts graphs with data from WD, but it works for me.

I wrote the instructions from memory, so hopefully they are correct.

Please ask me if there’s something not understandable or if anyone has suggestions to improve the process.


Instructions to create HighCharts graphs with Weather (564.1 KB)