Has something changed? [apparently not]

If I open a topic after being notified of a new post I am taken to the first post in the topic. I am sure I used to be taken to the last (new) post?

EDIT: Just seemed to go back to normal :confused:

Nothing changed, then nothing changed.

Just realised what is happening: if there is a new post to an old topic (as there was to the OpenGrads topic this morning) you get taken to the first post. . . must have been a lot of these recently :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure why a new post to an old topic would take you to the first post. I’ll see if I can see anything in the settings that might cause that.

Maybe because the topic was split from another?

Could be, but not many topics get split so it wouldn’t be something you’d see very often.

I can’t find anything obivous in the settings, but there are a lot of them so I might have missed the magic incantation required to find it!

I’ll keep an eye on it - but it’s not really important in the grand scheme of things :slightly_smiling_face:

Just glad it happened again this morning, I was beginning to wonder . . .

I can see how it would happen for a split topic because the split part is given a new topic number. If you’d read the old (pre-split) topic you probably wouldn’t re-read the new split topic so if there’s a new post in the topic it shows a new post, but you’ve never read the topic before so you’ll start at the top.

Is it possible that the other one you saw was a topic that you wouldn’t previously have read? With ‘resurrected’ topics it’s not always possible to remember if you read it previously…and if the last post before resurrection was over 12 months (approx) ago then records of what you’ve read/not read are likely lost by the forum migration.

That makes sense, thanks.

Quite possible. . .