has anyone got a email from Weather Shack?

I got a email from the Weather Shack to do a link exchange…Is this a scam?

Hmmm, how does that work? Your site helps drive traffic to their webstore and what do you get out of the deal?

I would be able to have a link on there site…I don’t see a links page anyware on there site…I think its a scam

http://www.weathershack.com/recommended-sites.html ?

My site is geared for local viewing. I don’t think they could offer anything for me.

It’s not from Weather Shack, it’s from a company paid by Weather Shack to increase their advertising. I got two from a Terry Norris, the first I ignored and the second I responded too after looking up the company, http://www.yourlinksmanager.com/

I said:

Hi Terry,

Thanks for the offer of a link exchange.
As Weather Shack is based in the U.S. and thus their customer base will
be the same, I see little benefit in a link exchange with a site based
in Scotland.
If it’s purely for increasing the search engine profile then I am happy
to add a link to my links page (www.hebwx.co.uk/wxlinks.php) under the
“Useful Links” heading but, in line with the other links on that page,
it will only be a simple text link to Weather Shack.
Reciprocation of the same will be fine.

In response I got:

Hi Martin, you make some good points and under the circumstances there probably would be little value, even for SEO purposes. Have a great day Martin and best of luck to you.

Warm regards,

Seems genuine to me and will increase your sites search engine profile, if nothing else. :wink:

His reply implies that he’s spamming people who have sites connected with the weather. Had he been good at SEO and done his research into appropriate sites he would never have contacted you in the first place. The fact that he did means he’s just going to a search engine, entering ‘weather’ and then contacting people.

I’d steer clear…and not just because Google (and presumably others) have said that they know about ‘link farms’ as a means of attempted SEO and (I think) they downgrade sites listed on them. They’re very much last decade :wink:

Thanks for all the info. I have deleted the e-mail