Happy Birthday

Hope you have had a great day Brian.

Both of you have a great day :smiley:

Is it another year already? Me too, :new-bday: to you both.

  • Jim

Happy Birthday to both of you! :occasion4: Thanks for all you do.

Happy Birthday to you both and enjoy the weekend. Thank you for all that you do for us all.

–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii

Happy Birthday guys, Hope you both have/had a great day

Happy birthday(s) to both!

thanks guys :slight_smile:
Happy birthday for you today Chris!
we went to a hypnotist show last night, local fundraiser…South African guy
I went up on stage
did embarrising stuff seemingly

he said I would have alot of energy today
I think the wife has a list of house work…

Watch out for weird new WD features today :wink:

Time flies when you’re weather watching! Happy Birthday to Chris and Brian. Thanks for all the work!

Happy Birthday Brian and Chris. Thanks for all your hard work!

:occasion4: :occasion5:





Happy birthday to you and tanks for all the work !