the bottoms of the graphs, particularly the autoscale graphs, are cut off. The value of the time scale is what I am writing about :slight_smile:

its the XP wide window top bar
is you use more classic windows style windows in XP it fixes that
try that
me thinks

I just took a trip backward through time and I am still seeing the bottom of the graphs, not there.

The Gifs look that way too.
er… I will email it to you.

i was sure that was it
what about not using large fonts, and use small fonts?
i can increase the screen capture area though…

I have the font set at 8, the smallest it will go. It looks like the bottom of the gif is cut off.

I emailed you my gifs from the webfiles.

9.34c will be better :slight_smile:

That work perfectly !!! 934c did the trick !

The graphs look excellent with the scales on them.

Of course you probably have realized that this is all a great plot to keep you from enjoying your beautiful, wonderful climate ( a plot by North American’s freezing their parts off) :twisted:


joe, your summary image is not showing up
it has it as summary.jpg
but its not visible
also, the moon is black and white:
do you have that ticked, under sunmoon setup, bottom right hand corner?

  1. I had ticked on the summary setup the make jpeg not gif. Changed that

  2. Moon icon is fine.