Graphs are Frozen


Version 9.32… all my graphs froze right after I downloaded this version and they haven’t moved since. The time of day goes by but the graphs have stopped recording (LaCrosse 2010).

Help please!


Hermann Area Weather

oh its such a touchy station that one
try a new 9.32b now…
and let me know

vers 9.32

same for ws2000/lacrosse/wmr900h I suppose
my realtime graph is hussled again

delete itl and waiting now

i think i have fixed this graphign problem, uploading a new version now

Uhoh Brian…

Now the graph is moving, but all the readings are frozen and so flat lining on the graph. None of my reading have changed since downloading version 9.32c… please rescue :frowning:


i dont at this stage no what has happened

i know what it is

fixing now

i added in a comport re connect every minute, as someone had that disconnecting
but that is not a good thing for the ws2000 type station to do !

Downloading now… will let you know…


9.32d should be back to normal, ready now


Everything seems to be back to normal
Thanks for such a quick response on this… I really appreciate it.


Brian, May be related, have Emailed you the file. Only part of the image. The Dials.

Have this appared on screen since 9.32b (last nights release).

Derek Chapman
Stokes Valley Weather

not related derek at all

it is a bug though
happens when you only view the wind dials only (right mouse click on the windspeed dial to see that option)

view the dials as normal, i.e full view,i.e view, weather dials. and it will fix it

I 've tried version 9.32d but the graph is still frozen. (i use 24 hour for main). In the data report screen all sensors have an error.

Back to 9.30e now → everything OK.

the data logger errors migth take a few minutes to clear
it is confirmed Ok for real time data now…
as for the non 12 hour graph on main not updating, that is something else I have upset,it looks like, and i am not sure what or how…
if you go to view, graph history, is it beign updated still though?

maybe i should give up and go fishing and surfing for the rest of the summer

ok, i have found that bug

i was fixing the fact the graph history file was not actualy being saved in a non standard data files location, but i doing that, i upset where it actualy saved to still

uploadign a new one now, promise that will be it fixed


I’ll try again tomorrow.
Bed time here…

vers ready now, 9.32e

it so easy to upset the beast ( thats what i call the ws2000/la crosse 2010, wmr900h)!

hi guys

i would like to get this fixed…
is the 24 hour grpahs (under graph history) working in a new 9.32e?


The 24 hour graph is still frozen. Only time is moving.

12 hour graph is OK.

gerhard reports its ok now
please try a new 9.32e