Graph Windspeed not Adjusting

Under Graph Setup and select Windspeed Graph only Half Scale - Yes/No has no effect anymore. It just stays at its last setting. :cry:
Using Version 9.61d

I have been experiencing the same thing since ver9.60


Mine too, I’ve mentioned it to Brian and I’m sure it’s on his list of “to fix” things. Mine stays at 25mph and the wind spikes reduce by half :slight_smile: maybe if we just don’t have any wind over 25mph…hmmm maybe I’ll put one monitor on top of the other to catch the extra…
:slight_smile: Jon

On thing I noticed is that I’m stuck at max of 25, which I seem to recall he has this now automatically adjusting?? When I click on the “NO” for half scale my wind spikes show properly, otherwise the spikes are half scale.

After reading here, I did some clicking and my half scale does work on the screen display, but the wind is really, low today so it is difficult to see the major changes.

It appears to change