Graph Error Correct

Not sure if its me or a bug.

I can not correct the graph or rebuild it from this months data. I have check the data over and made sure the bad inputs are gone.

Scott - I am running 10:36R, and from bouncing back and forth between XP and Vista, I just had to correct the graph for rainfall by -.01. It took 2 tries, but the graph did correct. 10:36R


OK, I have just gone back and tried to correct a 2nd rain error of .01 and this time I can not make the correction. I have done it 10 times, exited WD and restarted, and done it 3 more times and the graph does not change. :?

Graph went from .7 to .6 and then 1 hour later back to .7. I wanted to flatten it at .7, but have been unable.