GFS and ECMWF data availability update?

Hello all, and particularly to Chris and Tom,
Happy New year everyone.

As we start the new year, I have wondered if some of my WXSIM’s forecast model settings need to be revised in order to get the best possible forecast results.

I know Chris had researched and posted about this topic in the past but was wondering if any new information or results have been made (from the last 6 months) since he had posted just how long it takes from when the model runs are completed to the time he receives the data, and to the time we WXSIM users receive it and should schedule our forecasts.

I have always wondered when the best time to have WXSIM run my forecasts in order to get the very latest run data.
Now that there is the ECMWF in addition to the GFS and NAM added to the mix, it is quite the challenge to schedule when to have WXSIM/WXSIMATE obtain the very latest and timely data from each, given that these models have different run times and times they are received and available by Chris.

Adding to the equation is the time differential between UTC and “your” local time zone. ( In my case, USA Eastern Standard time zone)

Since on the subject of the GFS and ECMWF, has there been any new information on what the ultimate and latest (sweet spot) mix between both GFS and ECMWF models is, in order to get the best forecasts? and what “percentage Influence from the bias corrected model data” and the “average percent used in WXSIM learned bias corrections used in the cor.txt” could be recommended to be used?

Thank you for your recommendations, and best regards,

I think you’ve missed seeing this link - WxSimate Data Availability Statistics

That gives recent stats on the availability of the last 5 GFS and ECMWF runs as well as 2 week, 1 month and 3 month averages. You can use the info to figure out the times that best suit your requirements for running WxSimate to get the data you need.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sending the link.
Yes, sorry I did somehow miss this one. I did see your posts back in August where
You were researching the time frame of the process of data to you, data time to process and time WXSIM users should schedule forecasts.
I believe you said that it would take up to 6 hours between when the forecast model completes and when it is available to WXSIM.

As I understand, after looking at the attached grid, it looks like by applying compensation for me being in USA Eastern Standard time -5 hours to the far-right columns of the grid, I should be pretty good with my scheduled forecast times of 5 AM , 11 AM , 5 PM and 11 PM. as they are now.

with forecast run Breakdown : WXSIMATE @ :08 after the hour.
WXSIM-Lite @ :13 after the hour.
WXSIM @ : 18 after the hour.

Please let me know if I am incorrect in my interpretation or if you have a better suggestion of my run times.

As always, thanks for your guidance and patience.

Kindest regards,