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Good morning ,
Thanks to your good advice I was able to replace the webcam image
I am a beginner on this software
I use the data provided by the station to display the graphs
Before setting up the CRON task from my access provider, I had the files generated by the CUMULUS software
these following model files: .JSON are loaded in the directory: demodata and do not appear to be usable by the graphics (no display) It may not be the right directory
Can you tell me which directory should receive the files for correct display of the graphics?
I thank you in advance
Michel says Courtil

I am confused.
Did you read the multiple read-me PDFs?

When you decide not to use WeatherUnderground but your own website for the graphs-data, thecron-job is used to continuously save your weather-data in the files on your website.

The PWS_Dashboard graphing scripts can handle two different formats for the data:

  1. Best choice: You use your historical weather-data at WeatherUnderground
  2. Or you use the standard cron-job to save your weather-data in a format the graph scripts understand.

Of course you can write your own scripts and use the json data you provided but that is up to you.


I come back to the problem of displaying graphics
A cron task was created at my ISP and runs every 5 minutes.
.json files are received in the root of the site:

Graphs are not displayed

Is it in the root that we must receive these files for display?

Can you tell me a little more?
Thank you in advance.

Michel says Courtil

The files you upload can not be used as their format is not known for the graph scripts.

The graph scripts can only process two different data-formats:

  1. The WeatherUnderground data, dynamically loaded from WU and saved in the ./chartswudata/ folder
  2. Or the cron-job format which saves and updates your data in the ./chartsmydata/ folder
    → currently there is only a “todays” file with 1 line from 18:39 and that one point is displayed correctly

As said in my previous answer:
Uploading other files with unknown format/contents can not work with my scripts.
Solution: write your own graphing scripts using your private uploads or hire a programmer for that.

The cron job is not working correct either.
→ there is no data stored in the chartsmydata/ folder
→ the history file is empty only contains last info.

So please check the cron log for errors.


What cron task? It has to be PWS_cron_stationcron.php

And you need to select one of only two options in easyweathersetup here:

Thank you for your reply
The ISP transmits the file now every 5 minutes
Michel says Courtil