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Ok for you Brits out there. This commercial for car insurance features a lizard with a brits accent, talking about pies and chips for free. when googling the only thing i found was that there is a meat pie ussually served with chips? What is the pie made off or is it like our pot pies here in the states?

Some kinda meat, pretty similar to a pot pie. (Note for our international readers, a “pot pie” does not contain pot - usually.)

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It could be any of the following…meat, meat and potato(e) (optional ‘e’ for the US market), cheese and onion or steak and kidney. There’s also a possibility ot could be a steak and kidney pudding, but if they said pie it wouldn’t be this. I’m sure there are other kinds of chip shop pies out there, but in my vast experience these are the most common (at least in the parts of the UK I’ve visited).

As well as those Chris listed there is chicken & mushroom pie as well.

I am always a bit worried about anything described as ‘meat’, sorry but I need to know what animal the meat came from before I am prepared to eat it. I’ve seen ‘meat curry’ on menus in Indian restaurants over here but I am worried that the meat could come from something other than a cow, sheep or chicken. Many years ago I found out that one Chinese restaurant I had visited in Cambridge had sunsequently been sucessfully prosecuted for selling Cat as Chicken! Now even if you are not a cat lover I think most people here in the UK would not want to eat little Tiddles!


Cats are like snakes…

The only good cat, is a dead cat. :wink:

I’d forgotten about chicken and mushroom pie. It’s not one of my favourites which is probably the reason I forgot it.

Not chip shop pies, but you can also have Nikoshepherd Pie…sorry Shepherds Pie and Cottage Pie (nice, but the brickwork is a bit hard on your teeth). And then we get onto other great British delicacies like black pudding, haggis, pease pudding, faggots, cumberland sausage, scotch eggs, tripe, pigs trotters, jellied eels, etc.

You missed pigeon pie :smiley:

Pigeon Pie is off the menu due to the risk of Avian Flu.

In these parts we have macaroni pies. The most common meat pies here are minced lamb in a hard crust.
The haggis, white pudding and black pudding is normally just in batter - not pie.
There’s probably a national society for cruelty to puddings/sausages to stop the local chippies battering them :wink:

What’s in a macaroni pie? Macaroni and ???

Haggis in batter? That sounds structurally unsound - unless they leave the skin on, in which case I don’t know how you eat it!

My favourite is the steak and gravy pie - eaten cold. There is of course the Forfar Bridie (mince or steak and onions with the pastry wrapped around it to make a semi-circle) - I prefer the shortcrust pastry version to the flaky.

(Having homemade sausages for supper tonight)

Reminds me of The Who’s Quadrophenia album. Ther’s one picture of a shop by the coast, (don’t know where) that has a sign “Eel Pie to take away” Eesh! The things you brits claim as being food.
Wasn’t it Douglas Adams who said british sandwhiches were designed to make amends for all the mistakes made, and the sausages were for people who wanted to atone for something specific? Or something along those lines…

Well, if cold pies are included then we can’t ignore the king of the mystery meat pies, the Pork Pie.

But it has to be a Melton Mowbray pork pie. It’s the only reason I am happy to go down South to England to see the inlaws - so that I can buy a stock of them (pies , I mean :D) to bring home and freeze. The genuine versions do keep remarkably well when preserved in this manner.

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Sausage shaped, no skin, battered and deep fried from frozen. Normally placed in oral orifice, gnashed (or gummed) to make sure it’s dead and subsequently swallowed :lol: :lol:

Check this link Chris and any other pie/sausage lovers (UK mainland)

The thought of the products send me into a deep depression (caused by deprivation) and give me desires to be in the trough but fear that consumption will cause an occluded front and possible storm force wind