Future Predictions?

Anyone else seeing rain totals for December 2003?

Is this fixable?

it is time go get the ark out, Noah!!

No, I haven’t seen that on mine, just looked. Of course I had to reset the entire program the first of this month, so I lost the log files ( actually haven’t tried to install them to the new directory, for fear of some catastrophy unrealized ). I wonder if it is reading last years data. Have you gone back to look at December 2002? and see if the values correspond?

I then would think that there is that value in the setup or load file for that screen. Also Look in the wdisplay ini file to see if there is that value.

I just looked on mine and mine reads good here.

Hi Greg ,
I 've got no reading for December 2002 , so it must be just slotted in the wrong year .
It must be a 1-wire thing only

I’ll ring Brian later to sort it out .

Maybe it is just a 1-wire thing. I’m showing 5.72 in for Dec on the graph, but looking back at my history files, the actual Dec 2002 total was 4.99 in.

Running version 9.59c.

I’m sure Brian will figure it out…

Just checked mine and that looks fine. Did notice though the dailyhighlowbarowetc.gif reading are all screwed up for yesterday. I’ll report this as a new thread.


I don’t have a one wire system but my picturs shows rain in Dec. I have an OR-968.

just select that month, and reset to zero
not sure why this happened, might have been a year change over…
has not occured to me…